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Use Cases & How-tos

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What is Senrio and how does it work?

Senrio Product Intro

Behavior Analytics & Anomaly Detection

Identification is EXTREMELY powerful, but Senrio goes a step further to show you when the behaviors of devices change (as they would in the event of a compromise or operational event).

“So what are these ‘tags’ anyway?”

In this video we explore how the Senrio analytics engine passively identifies devices on your network, and concisely communicates this with the user via “Senrio Tags.”

New Devices On Your Network

Know when new devices join your network, and most importantly, know what they are when they join! Identification is the lynchpin of operations, asset management, and security. You can’t protect what you can’t see.

Using the Embedded Support Chat

Now, it’s even easier to get help with Senrio Insight… with a chat client directly in the familiar Senrio Insight web interface. Watch this user view notifications, and surf through the UI to ultimately make query to generate specific asset lists. Watch as they get live help from the Senrio staff for how to complete this task.

Senrio Insight: Using the Senrio Slack Bot

A little Slacking off is sometimes a good thing ;-). A demo of the Senrio bot which uses the Senrio REST API to fetch data directly from Slack.

Tracking devices as the move around your environment

See how Senrio Insight follows your devices not only as they move between sites, but also as they change addresses!

Senrio Search

Senrio Insight is kinda like “Google\ for your network assets. Search for hostnames, IP addresses, hardware addresses, protocols, asset types, Senrio tags, even application names, and see all the relevant assets on your network! This is a short intro to the Senrio search capabilities.

Keeping Track of your Senrio Sensors

See how the Senrio Insight Sensors can all be remotely managed via the Senrio web UI.

Senrio Tags: How do I find other devices like this device?

Senrio Insight’s Tagging abilities are extremely powerful. Get started seeing how Senrio tags help you locate devices and help make sense of all the assets (and their behaviors) in your environment.

Senrio: Show me all the Windows computers on my network that don’t have Antivirus installed

Coming Soon

Senrio: Show me if there are any computers that didn’t receive the Endpoint Protection we just rolled out

Coming Soon

Senrio API: Using a single CURL request to fetch notifications about your devices

Coming Soon

Senrio Insight For Policy Validation

Coming Soon

In this example, we find all the endpoints that access a specific network resource (file share or internal server). We leverage Senrio Insight’s Tagging Engine track device behavior. In this case, to notify us anytime hosts with a specific operating system type and software configuration access a specific internal resource.

Have devices on your network been infected with that new malware you just read about? Ask Senrio.

Coming Soon

Senrio API: Using a single CURL request to fetch complete asset lists.

Coming Soon

See Senrio catch a Lateral Attack on IoT devices, that your IDS and endpoint protection, would miss.

Coming Soon

Talks & Publications

Use Cases & How-tos Talks & Publications FAQs & Brochures Other Media

Lateral Movement IoT Infographic

Read more about our research into how attackers move laterally on our blog

Research Videos and Demos

Did you know our Research team has a bunch of videos on Vimeo and at one point used to live-stream hacking of IoT devices on Twitch? No? check out the archives!

“IoT Security” Infographic

This infographic shares some important datapoints for anyone responsible for their organization’s assets. Through our work, we’ve learned that the “IoT security” anxiety is not the problem, it is a symptom of a MUCH bigger problem: asset management & awareness.


Listen to our CTO describe how Senrio customers are leveraging Senrio for inventory and asset discovery… an unintended “accidental” benefit of the technology we built.

FAQs & Brochures

Use Cases & How-tos Talks & Publications FAQs & Brochures Other Media

Other Media

Use Cases & How-tos Talks & Publications FAQs & Brochures Other Media

The need for Senrio products

The pervasive “IoT security” anxiety is just a symptom of a much larger organizational problem: asset management and awareness. If you’re worried about IoT, that’s only because you aren’t confident of what’s there. Let us help you be certain of all devices on your network.

Our Mission

Senrio was founded by Cybersecurity career veterans. Our products provide the visibility and actionable insights essential to ensuring the security and safety of all connected devices.

Senrio Full Product Demo

In this recorded Webex, Senrio VP of Product performs a live customer “Insight” demonstration (Fall 2017). He:

  • Explains the platform architecture
  • Discusses Senrio Deployment capabilities
  • Senrio Behavioral Anomaly Detection
  • Performing Searches of Asset Identification and Device behavior
  • Senrio Insight for Policy compliance checking
  • Senrio Insight for DFIR and Incident Management
  • Senrio Insight for Asset Management
  • Tagging and Event based device behavior notifications
  • Senrio Insight Notifications and Integrations