According to a recent Forrester Survey, just 17% of businesses are aware enough of the devices on their network that they could pass an audit.

Senrio Insight enumerates and categorizes devices on the network and provides context-rich analytics based on device-specific behavior and adaptive learning. All this is done passively and without deep-packet inspection. Enumerate all devices on your network, identify install gaps and licensing discrepancies.

Find historical malware infections and accelerate incident response and remediation by tracing historical device connections.

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The Senrio Device Intelligence platform identifies any networked devices. So no wonder, it works well in industrial control and supervisory control environments. Our first customers were OEMs and network equipment vendors, but our very next customers were factories and water treatment facilities, where Senrio provided security and network visibility to their Industrial Control and Supervisory control networks! From small PLCs controlling compressors and valves to the HMIs and SCADA systems that run water treatment for drinking water! Senrio Insight has seen it all.

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Where is your networked medical equipment? How many drug pumps are in your hospital? Which ward are they on? Are they functioning correctly?

A core Senrio strength is IoT, networked medical devices and ICS. Senrio automatically profiles the normal behaviour of embedded devices and alerts you when they malfunction. Find out precisely where they are. Manage your device inventory and procurement with Senrio.

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System Integrators & Service Providers

Do you make a piece of networking equipment, security appliance, or IT infrastructure? Or are you a Service Provider or System Integrator with customers that regularly divulge their "network visibility" anxiety? Senrio alleviates your network visibility, with a HIGHLY scalable solution that embeds into your product or offering.

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See how Senrio compares to other offerings

Senrio is a new kind of product that completely changes your perspective of your networks. Our technology is fills in the gaps left by traditional security, networking, and asset management offerings, but Senrio also overlaps vendors of all kinds so here are some offerings that are close, so you can see how we stack up.

InsightArmisCybeatsZingboxPwnie ExpressForescoutInsight
Hardware Appliance(option)--(option)
Software Deployment---
Asset Discovery(iot only)(iot only)(rf only)
Data Export-
Security Tool Integrations-
Non-disruptive Passive Discovery---