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Backend/API Developer


Job Description

The foremost responsibility of this position is development of (and maintaining of) the backend-end and middle-ware of our flagship product. Development is predominantly in Python with some C/C++. Strong backend-end development skills are a must with the ability to rapidly prototype and work collaboratively with other developers (including our overseas developers). It is important that a candidate be energetic and enthusiastic about this kind of work, with a "take charge" attitude and willingness to devour existing code/documentation to take ownership (or rewrite it if you think you have a better solution). In addition, this position requires work on internal tools and automation. Some basic web development/design skills are a plus. If you are interested in software security this position provides the opportunity to participate in security research.


• 3+ years of coding under your belt, be it open source or commercial
• Advanced Python development (or history with C/C++ in addition to one other other high-level language is an adequate substitute)
• Unix System administration (personal or professional) a requirement (shell scripting etc.)
• AWS experience (EC2, S3, SQS, RDS, VPC, etc), cloud development concepts and experience with virtualization required
• Experience with Containerization (Docker, et al)
• Code deployment in containerized environments
• Experience with some DevOps concepts for code deployment and remote instrumentation.
• Expert level experience with version control, ticketing, and code review (Git, SVN, Mercurial, et al)
• Heavy experience building APIs from scratch or with development frameworks (Flask, Django, Pylons, Web2Py, etc).
• Experience with SQLAlchemy or equivalent ORM
• Experience with or interest in developing high-availability/real-time applications a plus.
• Some experience or interest in (Apache Storm, Kafka, Graph Databases, Distributed systems, Task Queueing, Message Bus, NoSQL, etc.) a plus.


• Full benefits packages: Health, dental and vision coverage
• Life insurance policy
• Downtown parking
• Paid vacation days
• Free books
• Conference and Training budgets available.
• Well-stocked snacks and beverage fridge

How to Apply

To be considered, please submit your résumé and cover letter here. Tell us why you’re interested, and why you think you’d be a good match for Senrio. We are looking for the things that drive and excite you. If you are passionate about using your expertise to build a truly innovative product line, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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