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IoT isn't just connected toasters and teddybears. Industrial Control (power plants, traffic lights, agriculture) has been "IoT" for decades. Healthcare and MedTech has been "IoT" for decades. Although consumer "IoT" poses very different privacy and security threats (that don't entirely apply to the enterprise), consumer "IoT" is proliferating unabated and is plagued with its share of vulnerabilities. Recent "IoT" botnets have shown that seemingly benign consumer devices can be weaponized to disrupt critical internet infrastructure.

The lowering cost of powerful CPUs is evolving all of the above towards ubiquitous connectivity. It is certainly changing the Enterprise (BYOD and the disappearing network perimeter) and also revolutionizing previously un-connected technologies (connected cars). Traditional Security is designed for traditional systems, but "IoT" is a new and fundamentally disruptive technology requiring new solutions designed from the ground up to address it.


Who We Are

Our Name
Senrio is a shortened version of the Japanese word "senrigan" (千里眼). "Senrigan" is a lacuna word which means "clairvoyant reflex", "foresight", or "to see through". It is the ability to predict something and act accordingly.

Our Story

Leveraging more than a decade of research into embedded device security, the Senrio team has created an innovative solution that provides visibility, analytics, and security for networked embedded devices. We've been sounding the alarm bells for years - teaching, writing and heavily involved in research. Using innovative technology based on a decade of research into embedded devices and first-hand knowledge of the unique threat landscape that they create.

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Device makers and Device users,

Senrio has BOTH of you covered!



• Know what's on your networks!
• Passive Monitoring
• No deep packet inspection
• Lightweight. In fact, so lightweight that it's   Embeddable!


Senrio Trace

• Know what your firmware is doing
• Lightweight
• Premarket Saves development time,   accelerates time to market!
• Postmarket: Analytics, fleet/device   management, and security!

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We always have something neat in the works, ESPECIALLY our research group, so check out what we've been up to!

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